Affordable chic never looked so good

Create trendy concepts to delight potential leasers and buyers alike.

As a multi-residential property manager, you know that first impressions can make a huge difference. At Prestolam, we believe that you can benefit from quality, on-trend countertops and cabinet doors for your kitchens and bathrooms—without breaking the bank. What’s more: refreshing your living spaces becomes a breeze when all you have to do is change the doors and countertops—rather than the entire rooms themselves. With our best-in-class and best-in-value solutions, you can design phenomenal concepts that will entice unit leasers and buyers to embark on their next home journey with you.

Inspire and delight your clients.

The competition is fierce. Create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that will instantly dazzle potential leasers and buyers in choosing your units.

  • Hundreds of colours, styles and finishes

  • Durable doors and countertops

  • Innovative products that make you stand out

  • Products available in an impressive selection of price points

Quality that surpasses time—and life.

Our kitchen doors and countertops provide great durability for clients’ busy lifestyles. Luxurious value IS possible.

  • Unbelievable longevity and easy maintenance
  • Over 45 years of expertise in projects of all sizes and scopes
  • Great quality thanks to Prestolam’s proven track record
  • Exemplary assembly quality

Proximity is our middle name.

Benefit from the expertise of Prestolam and its local partners for unprecedented efficiency.

  • Easy ordering
  • Great production capacity and agility based on clients’ distinct requirements, prices and types of units
  • Flexible and fast delivery options

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